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We are providing skilled, semiskilled, & unskilled employees to all area of Engineering, Construction, Oilfield, Manufacturing & Offshore jobs and building materials to various companies in the State of Qatar.

Manpower Services

We are Licensed recruitment and placement agency by the Overseas Employment Agency of the Department of Labor and Employment of the World wide. 

Construction Services

Italian Construction process exceeds project and
Owner objectives through structured and consistent systems and procedures as applied by a highly-talented Project Team especially selected for each project based on their relevant experience and capabilities.

Placement Services

Job placement is a profession or agency that helps unemployed individuals find work. A job placement agency also provides a service to employers by giving them qualified workers for contract jobs or available positions.

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Give them new ideas and inspiration to improve their business.


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Guarantee our client any kind of services.


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Mainly focus our client satisfaction.


Quality Materials

We are using best class quality material for our client project.

Our Partners 

The Construction Partnership was originally created because of the increased competition in the construction field due to the contractors using more and more unskilled workers on building projects.



Midland Construction Co. W.L.L.

Petronet Engineering Services Co. W.L.L.

 Electro-Mechanical Co. W.L.L.

Medos Engineering Services Co. W.L.L.

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